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SalesForce One is a new approach of your sales force management.

It embeds many new features and reports to answer most demanding marketing strategies.
The backend offers a wide range of reports related to sales, collection and distribution, by customer, salesman, item, ...
The front end adapts to most new devices; its graphical interface is nice and friendly.

SalesForce One takes advantage of the GPS locater that is now available on several devices, to record the geographical location of the visits and transactions. It adds valuable information to all reports, routes, visits and distribution.

Now SalesForce One is able to handle IMEI number on mobile phones. It can store, sell and return items serial driven like electronics, coupons and recharge cards.

Price protection feature has been implemented to meet with fast movement goods sales, allowing compensation of possible price drop.

SalesForce One remains very simple to use and intuitive.

Having an independent database SalesForce One can be run in a stand-alone configuration or interfacee with the existing backend.
SalesForce One has been implemented on a large scale environment coordinating between several hundreds of user.

Van Sales
Invoicing Collection Replacement Returns Stock Management             
Sales Order Collection Customer Inventory Control
Item price survey Competition survey  Allocated space survey
Non sellabe goods verification Maintenance follow-up
FIFO auto-settlement Partial Settlement Multiple Mode-of-Payments
Stock Management
Vehicle Load & Unload Stock Transfer  Waste