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E-Motion has re-Invented the stock-take by creating StockTake One. A state of the art Inventory control program using WiFi technology to provide a live monitoring and a continuous be on-line with the backend database.

With StockTake One Stock Control becomes as efficient as pleasant. StockTake One does not store data on the handheld but is continuously connected to the database. It allows adding new items, new barcodes; checking prices, storage locations etc.

The backend provides many efficient reports that consolidates several sessions, showing totals and discrepancies. Many useful reports can be extracted and exported to third party software.

Labelling and barcoding is at the heart of the software. User can print small or large labels either from the handheld or the backend.

E-Motion StockTake One is the perfect tool for all kind of stores, specially super-markets, fashion stores, wholesale stores, warehouses, etc.

Multiple Purpose Software
StockTake One is so comprehensive that it is also very valuable in almost all stock movements: -Goods reception -Goods issuing -Waste control -Replenishment -Stock take -Ordering -Labelling  
On-line control
Simultaneous multiple controllers Live monitoring of all the controllers On-line consolidated stock take On-line discrepancy report On-line settings *Data grouping criteria *Users/controllers prerogatives *Locking sessions Entry log with detailed data entry sequence
off-line control
Despite the fact that on-line control is the most recommended mode for stock-control, StockTake One provides an off-line mode because there is always a need to control some uncovered areas typically a refrigerated room, a competition survey, etc.