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Warehouse management is the nerve center of many activities, from manufacturing to warehousing passing by distribution, spare parts storage and servicing, etc. When it comes to optimizing it, making storage more efficient, dealing with expiry dates, serial numbers, picking sequence; making parallel jobs without loosing the target overview and the running activity monitoring; very little number of solutions are affordable!


Ultimate Warehouse, e-Motion new Warehouse Management System, can easily help you out even with limited resources. It is easy to handle, can be deployed quickly with an affordable price range. The large number of functionalities it embeds should cover your most demanding needs. The front-end has been designed to be intuitive and therefore easy to use. The backend provides an excellent real-time overview and monitoring of the running activities and the stock on-hand. It has a powerful dynamic reporting tool to answer immediate enquiries without processing delays.

Ultimate Warehouse should enhance dramatically your performance by shortening the daily processes, increasing your confidence in the data you have and a clearer insight of the inventory. It should make the flow of the goods through the warehouse faster and smoother.

Stock Movement Management
-Goods Reception -Goods Issuing -Goods Put-away -Goods Transfers -Goods Relocation
Orders Management
-Sales Order -Purchase Order -Delivery Order -Transfer Order
-Free picking -Directed Picking
Inventory Control
-Serial Number Tracking -Expiry Date Tracking -Stock Take -Stock Adjustments  
-Item Label Printing -Carton Label Printing -Palettes Label Printing -Printing at Reception -Printing at Delivery 
Multi-level Locations
-Multiple Warehouses -Unlimited multi-level locations
Comprehensive Item Definition and Grouping
-Multi-grouping-level items -Multiple UOM per Item -Lot, Serial and expiry date Control
-User Level Security -Users Group Level Profile Policies
Complete Operations Overview
-On-line operation monitoring
Dynamic Reporting
Stock Movement per Availability -per item -per date -per location -per expiry date -per lot number -per serial number