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Stay connected with mobile staff members and track your field work in real time.

The Connect Forces® platform is a field force automation software that was designed to increase productivity and responsiveness among your mobile staff members equipped with mobile terminals, providing them with secure, reliable access to the company's computer system.

Connect Forces® is a two parts solution: the back-office field force software with optimization, monitoring and geolocation functionalities and the mobile field force application designed for mobile terminals.

Perfectly adapted to the needs of technicians, salespeople, and deliverers, Connect Forces® supports all communications mobiles terminals: TabletPC, laptops, and PDAs.

Connect Forces® delivers an immediate ROI by improving service traceability and customer satisfaction.

Improve the quality of your services with Connect Forces
Scheduling Tool Your call center submits full service requests in real time to the closest qualified technician's mobile terminal, including information such as priority level, customer address, and other details about the request. Optimization and Monitoring Monitor the progress of work...
Make work easier for your field technicians!
Adapted Materials We offer a wide range of communication terminals, with and without reinforced casing, to meet your needs, all equipped with input-output devices to make work easier for your technicians, including GPS navigation to keep them from getting lost, a bar code and RFID reader so...