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Quadrant Enterprise provides a sophisticated and scalable vehicle tracking and Telematics solution available for hosting by your organization.

Why wait? Provide your fleet managers today with GPS-based location and Telematics information in real-time for efficient fleet management across your organization.

Quadrant meets your specific requirements. Whether you decide to host the application, or we do, Quadrant provides you with all the information you need to manage your vehicles, drivers and mobile assets in the most effective and efficient manner.

Quadrant Asp Portal Services
•Shared customer servers •Hosted at WebTech Wireless Network Operations Center •Small to medium-sized fleets •Monthly portal fee for core services and options •Volume discounts for medium to large-sized fleets  
•Scalable platform •Ability to host Quadrant Enterprise on customer servers •Automatic Vehicle Location with an in-vehicle mounted WebTech Locator Series •Comprehensive mapping capabilities •In-depth activity reports •Provides Landmark...
Quadrant Enterprise
•Dedicated servers •WebTech Wireless hosted and Customer-hosted server options available •Large fleets •One-time software license plus annual maintenance fee for core services and options •Tiered licensing options available, beginning at 5,000 vehicles  
•Effectively manage large fleet operations and future enhancements •Reduce monthly costs and incur a lower cost of ownership for large fleet customers •Visually monitor vehicle location and status to maximize productivity •Quick and efficient vehicle location and...