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With its acquisition of the InterFleet and NextBus brands, WebTech Wireless is now the leading Canadian vehicle location-based services (LBS) and telematics provider, and one of the largest in North America and worldwide. Both companies are now part of WebTech Wireless’ comprehensive solutions for government, which also include Quadrant.

The New York-based InterFleet subsidiary was the first GPS/AVL application in North America to include live mapping for entire public sector fleets. InterFleet gives fleet managers: 

•Live dispatch mapping

•A full history of vehicle activity

•Abroad variety of machine-to-machine integrations and sensors (salt spreader controllers, line-painters, friction and temperature sensors, PTOs, sirens, passenger counters, etc.)

•The bability to incorporate a client’s existing maps

•A wide range of standard and custom reports 

InterFleet was developed on an open architecture platform, adaptable to changing technology and the diverse operational requirements found in federal, state/provincial and city organizations worldwide.

InterFleet’s solutions are largely off-the-shelf and modular, meaning they can be deployed quickly and cost effectively, yet still allowing for customization anywhere in the development process.

San Francisco-based NextBus are experts in the development of real-time passenger information systems, used by dozens of rapid transit authorities across North America. 

In addition to providing transit authorities with the information they need to manage daily operations, NextBus gives transit users accurate bus arrival and departure times using real-time vehicle GPS position, speed and heading data. This information is made available: over the Internet; via wireless devices such as PDAs and cell phones; through IVR (interactive voice response); and electronic signs at transit stations and bus stops. 


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