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SQUADSIM is a Law Enforcement Solution For Police Driving Academies:

Enforcement Software that teach basic skills,develop new or higher driving skills levels,develop attitudes not normally possessed by recruits.

Squadsim Software running on ECA Faros Simulator will be used to train vehicle operators in the driving skills,decision-makings and radio communications (multi-tasking) skills essential to their jobs.

Specifically,the training simulator provides detailed driver behaviors to the operation of Law Enforcement vehicles,teaches vehicle manoeuvring and presents a variety of decision-making challenges to the driver.

Dispatch communications and other significant radio communications to the student driver can be "role played" by the instructor from the IOS (Interactive Operator System).

Driving Simulator- Advanced Training Module
Driving Simulator- Advanced Training Module: Risks perception module The objective of this module is to make the driver aware and develop vigilance predicting and managing potentially dangerous situations as soon as possible: • Driver hit by another vehicle in his lane • Vehicle...
Driving Simulator - Eco-Driving Function Module
Accessible to all the modules in replay mode this function allows the display of the following information for each driving: •Driving time •Covered distance •Total consumption •Total CO2 emission •Average speed •Average consumption •Average CO2...