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For a fast and effective control

If every time you consider the asset control, you feel a big headache, then AssetControlOne may be the answer for you!

E-Motion invested all its experience in designing a clear, friendly and intuitive interface to help you in inventorying, counting, recording the locations, noting status change.

AssetControlOne provides you with several reports showing controlled items or, on the contrary, missing goods and when/where was the last checking. It displays allocated items by user, department or location... the history of a specific asset from acquisition to destruction.

With AssetControlOne, doing an inventory control becomes easier and much faster than anything before.

Asset ControlOne reads state-of-the-art RF tags providing even easier control procedures and reducing asset manipulation.

Advanced users can appreciate its flexibility to integrate with sophisticated Asset Management programs. Data are stored in a MS SQL database. Data may be exchanged either through flat text files or within an integrated backend.