HHP covers all requirements of a driving school. From the Backend system to the teacher teaching tools, to the students applications as well as all the driving local law books in multiple languages. HHP also offers Train the
trainer programs for all licenses


Our DSMS is developed to virtually cover the requirements of any driving school in any country.
It uses the latest technologies and it is very friendly for the user.

Schools’ Interface

• User prerogatives and Roles
• For one School or group of schools
• Student registration/ Group
• Student payment
• Training plans creation
• Scheduling
• Waiting list management

• Students scores and files
• Payments
• Police interface
• Manager’s dashboards
•Classroom/Circuits/simulators Management
• Teachers Management
• Teachers Mobile App

Students’ Interface

• Online registration
• Online payment
• Student notification
• Student scheduling
• School and teacher rating
• Student advancement
• Student scores
• Invoicing / credit notes

Theoratical Program

PC Pro (Classroom)

PcPro is a a teacher tool used in classroom theoretical courses and online with teacher courses.


• Multilingual
• Allows the teacher to have a digital copy of the training book
• Includes everything that the teacher needs to explain to the student (teacher’s notes)
• Local pictures/Videos
• Special effects
• In classroom version and online with teacher version
• Online update of data

Digital Book

All our books are digitized. Our students can access them online, see pictures, run videos and answers questions. All the students activities are recorded (time spent, answers, reviewed chapters….)

Mobile App

The student mobile app allows our student to train for the exam; They can answer hundreds of questions, monitor their scores, review difficult ones, they can also do mock exams simulating the exact official exam situation.


Ensure Road Safety from Children to Professionals.

Exam Module

Our exam module is multilingual. It can host questions, pictures and videos. It is directly connected to our DSMS through API and the school management gets the student result almost instantly; The score automatically updates the student files.


Safety Products

Mechnical Products

Practical Track

Practical Exam

Train the Trainer Program