Our solution is robust and stable handling millions of records (24/7) received from a large number of vehicles. We serve mission critical companies (money transport, oil and gaz, schools, and many more). We provide all year long support.

Addressable Markets


Our Server room is equipped with the following state-of-art technologies:

• Redundant servers + offsite backup
• Google Legal Map license
• Fire protection
• Double AC

• Double internet lines (Land and Air)
• Firewall
• Virus protection
• Power generator

Over 50,000 vehicles are hosted on our servers

How It Works

Vehicles or personnel are equipped with GPS/4G enabled units which will continuously send pre-set data to the server.

It will in turn make it available for the user through our software interface, allowing live tracking data as well as access to a multitude of other crucial information.

Solution Platform

• Access Filter
• Active Directory Support
• Application Templates
• Branding
• Data Cleanup
• Custom Units
• Device Mapper Scripting
• Localization
• Map Support
• Mobile Interface

• Odometer Management
• Overview Application
• Payment Notification
• Road Speed Database
• Role Based Access Control
• Single Sing In with okta
• Statistics
• Web Based
• Web Service Scripting
• Fuel Consumption

Solution Features

Features Condensed List

• User Role
• Multiple languages including Arabic
• Real time location & status of the vehicle in the digitalized map
• Warning and critical alerts generated with status indication
• Multi-monitor
• Customized Workspace
• Official Google Map license
• POI creation/Viewing/ Reporting

• Route Creation
• Territorial/Route Fencing
• Vehilces Maintenance
• Dispatching
• Vehicle Grouping
• Reporting through Event Manager
• Mobile application (android)
• Integration though API

Development Tools

• Data Forward
• Database Support (MySQL and MS SQL)
• Open Protocols

• Plugins
• Scripting (Device Mapper and web Scripting)
• Web Services

GPS Tracking Devices

Our solution is a device independent Software as a Service (SaaS) platform integrated with over than 500 of the best GPS vehicle tracking devices in the market.

If the device is not listed in the supported devices, we have the ability to
integrate it.

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