Create your Own world:

If you are a public authority, private company, industry, university, tourist agency, ministry….
We invite you to create your own VR world!

We design and implement the full solution allowing your users to dive into your world and discover your services, your infrastructure, your procedures, your touristic areas, your technology, your projects, or anything else that you would like to market or showcase. We also offer a multitude of ready-made or personalized VR trainings.

VR Vehicle Walk-around Inspection Training

If you’re concerned about the performance and safety of your vehicle before hitting the road, then this is the right solution for you as it teaches you how to conduct a detailed vehicle inspection and identify vehicle defects before driving.

Driving Simulator

This solution offers trainees a comprehensive virtual driving experience. It comes with VR headsets and it can be integrated with a desktop hardware.

Motorcycle Simulator - VR

This is a fully immersive VR simulator designed for motorcycles’ drivers. This solution can be used for research, development, training and marketing.

VR Training for Aircraft MRO

This solution is designed for airports’ operations where the ground maintenance team is trained on conducting a complete inspection of aircrafts and identifying faults then applying the necessary corrective actions.

VR Training - Aircraft Maintenance

This is more sophisticated and specialized solution that is also related to the airports as it trains ground maintenance teams on conducting an inspection of commercial and military aircrafts.

VR Training - Cargo Loading

Still in the airports, this solution trains loaders operators on standard operating procedures of loading cargo on an aircraft safely.

VR Mine Site Familiarization

For underground operations, this solution familiarizes the operators and the mine workers with the mine site environment and conditions while allowing them to interact properly.

VR Machine Inspection Training

Train the operator of heavy machines vehicles on conducting a walk-around inspection before starting the vehicle. This solution can be customized for all scenarios of surface mining equipment including excavators, dozers, loaders, haul trucks and more.

VR Plant Orientation

We introduce this solution to organizations, companies and institutions to help them familiarize their workers with the work environment in terms of safety measures, emergency evacuation, operations, machinery and common areas.

VR Training for Working on Heights

Some work environments require employees to implement operations in high spots, so this solution is designed to train workforce on the safety procedures they need to follow while working on heights.

VR Training - Confined Spaces

Working in confined places presents some of the most challenging environments for professionals. This VR training is mainly related to hazards of working in confined spaces as it teaches employees how to avoid risks of entry, gas and flammable materials along with using protective equipment and applying emergency procedures.

Our training provides an immersive and interactive training
environment for preparing workers in complete safety.

This module can be used to demonstrate the procedure
for preparation and execution of a task in confined spaces.


• Demonstrate knowledge of confined spaces and their permit notification and implementation requirements
• Identify control measures to eliminate and minimize the risk of hazards in confined spaces
• Demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and confined space testing environments
• Describe the responsibilities and duties of people entering confines spaces

VR Training - Ramp Safety

This is another solution that is designed for airports as it trains ground teams on conducting R.A.M.P. (Recognize, Assess, Minimize, Prepare) safety checks on the airside.


• Airside familarisation
• Sandard operating Procedure
• Pre-employment screening and induction
• Hazard awareness training


• Highly immersive training environment
• Multipurpose training
• High impact and focused
• Custom built scenarios
• Scientific Assessment
• Training in complete safety
• Scalable training Platform